Can you honestly say that at the end of your one and only life, you’ll be able to look back and say, “I am fully satisfied with the life that I lived”?

I will provide you with tailored personal coaching support to help you become the best version of you that you can be and say, “I am satisfied!” I have worked with so many clients to help them to take control and transform their lives and I can do this with you.

As an expert in quickly establishing a conducive space for you to be open and honest, I have a warm, unique and approachable style, which will allow you to trust me. I concentrate wholly on your agenda. I provide insightful, empathetic coaching that allows you to explore and discover your natural strengths.

I have proven success in working with real people with real needs, who want to find clarity in order to move forward and clearly identify how they can perform at their best.

I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and as a professional coach I am aligned to their Code of Ethics. More information about the ICF can be found here.


Why should you have a coach?

If you were a budding singer, songwriter and musician, and dreamed of playing music for a living, cutting a record, playing a sell-out tour and appearing at Glastonbury, you’d do everything you could to get out there and do it. As you followed your dreams, you might have gigs where no-one turns up or where you are turned away, but you’d persevere. You may achieve those goals eventually, but you’d increase your chances of success by getting an agent or manager. Their expertise would help you create a successful plan, supporting you as you go on to fulfil your dream of performing at Glastonbury to thousands of fans!


Be it music, sport or just life, coaching is a necessity for those who want to progress. Your coach will be someone who will encourage you, support you, motivate you, help you to identify your way, and hold you accountable in achieving your dreams in order to succeed.

To maximise your performance in business and life, coaching enables you to:

  • Have a greater awareness of your situation and what you want.
  • Gain the time and space for you to think deeply about you and what you want to achieve, to be fully authentic.
  • Truly focus on your goals and aspirations and plan how to achieve them, in less time than struggling on your own.
  • Explore the options available, make choices of what you want to achieve and when, creating practical solutions.
  • Feel more confident, gaining clarity of what specific actions you will take next and knowing you’re supported in achieving those actions.


What do you need coaching for? 

Clients come to me for coaching when they are committed to working in partnership to find greater success in their work or personal life, yet feel unequipped to do so alone.

If I had a pound for every client who said, “I can’t, because…“. Often they have an idea of where they want to be, but feel overwhelmed about how to get there; sometimes it’s simply a matter of fear.

I will support you in successfully achieving any goal you wish to dream. Increasing your confidence, progressing your career, starting up a new business, living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight, making better use of your valuable time, improving your relationships at work or at home are just some examples of the types of situations that my unique clients bring to coaching.

What does a coach provide over talking things through with a friend or your manager?

Of course, we wouldn’t be without our friends and family to talk things through; I value mine hugely to share ideas with and to hear their opinions. Like your friends, as your coach I will care about you. However, the differences between us are that:

  • I’m not emotionally or professionally involved so can provide an objective point of view – I will not provide you with answers or opinions.
  • My experience and training helps me to ask deeper, searching questions, identifying any limiting beliefs you may have, to delve down and discover what the real issue is.
  • Focusing entirely on you, without judging or interrupting you with my view or opinion while you’re talking.
  • I will actively listen and guide your thinking using a set of personal resources I have developed throughout my studies, and from that training and my experiences as a coach.
  • I will provide a confidential space and be flexible in my approach in order to maximise our time – as an example, many clients choose to use Skype for their coaching time.

Your friends would be unlikely to challenge you, keep you focused if you get stuck and guide your thinking in the same way that I will as your coach. I have been described as naturally supportive, and will encourage and challenge you as you manage your transformation.

Coaching is not counselling, or mentoring. As your coach, I won’t ‘tell’ you what actions to take, but you should be ready and willing to identify solutions for yourself, with the trust, support and encouragement of an experienced coach. You already have all the answers within you – you just don’t know how to access them yet.

I will agree with you when, how often and how I will check in with you to keep you motivated and accountable, and challenge you to ensure you are doing everything you can to succeed.