About I Value Me

Can you honestly say that at the end of your life, you’ll be able to look back and say, “I am fully satisfied with the life that I lived”?

If the answer is no, then coaching will help you to feel empowered and take control to transform your life, to become the best version of you.

Why choose I  Value  Me

I have a warm, unique and approachable style, which will allow you to trust me, opening a conducive space for you to be open and honest. I have proven success in working with real people with real needs, who want to find clarity and take inspired action.

My clients feel that they are able to do, give and be MORE in their lives as a result of coaching. I’ve helped them to:

• Identify their values and gain better focus on their priorities.
• Gain clarity about their passions.
• Feel they have more purpose in the way that they live their life.
• Achieve their goals and dreams.
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I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and I align to their Code of Ethics. More information about the ICF can be found here.

I am also a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study and practice of the science of success and achievement, which allows us to model and apply excellence in behaviour. In short, it’s an ‘owner’s manual’ for repeatable patterns of behaviour that serve us – and in using NLP I can help you to remove any unhelpful patterns.

Get in touch, I’d love to work with you.

Areas I can help you with
Clients come to me for coaching when they are committed to finding greater success in their work or personal life, yet feel unequipped to do so alone.

My clients often start with; “I can’t, because…” – this is often just a case of overwhelm, procrastination or fear. I’m here to help you move past that.

I’ll support you in successfully achieving any goal you wish to dream. Perhaps you want to:

• Increase your confidence
• Progress your career
• Start up a new business
• Live a healthier lifestyle or lose weight
• Make better use of your valuable time
• Improve your relationships at work or at home

…I can help you with all of this and more.