Not sure if coaching is for you?

A good coach will encourage you, support you, motivate you, help you to identify your way, and hold you accountable in achieving success.

To maximise your performance in business and life, coaching enables you to:

• Gain the time and space for you to think deeply about what you want to achieve.
• Truly focus on your goals and aspirations and plan how to achieve them, in less time than struggling on your own.
• Explore the options available, make choices on what you want to achieve and when, creating practical solutions.
• Feel more confident, gaining clarity of what specific actions you will take next and knowing you’re supported in achieving those actions.
• Work with an accountability partner, to help you step up and take action.

To experience the benefits of coaching, why not get in touch to have a free, initial conversation.

What does a coach provide over talking things through with a friend or your manager?

Like your friends, as your coach I will care about you. However, the differences between us are that:

• I’m not emotionally or professionally involved so can provide an objective point of view.
• My experience and training helps me to ask deeper, searching questions, identifying any limiting beliefs you may have, to delve down and discover what the real issue is.
• Focusing entirely on you, without judging or interrupting you with my view or opinion while you’re talking.
• I will actively listen and guide your thinking using a set of personal resources I have developed from my training and my experience.
• I will provide a confidential space and be flexible in my approach in order to maximise our time – as an example, in addition to meeting in person, many clients choose to use Skype, Zoom or the telephone for their coaching conversations.

Your friends would be unlikely to challenge you, keep you focused if you get stuck and guide your thinking in the same way that I will as your coach. I have been described as naturally supportive, and will encourage you as you manage your transformation.

What’s the difference between a coach, counsellor or mentor?

As your coach, I won’t ‘tell’ you what actions to take, but you should be ready and willing to identify solutions for yourself, with the trust, support and encouragement of an experienced coach. You already have all the answers within you – you just don’t know how to access them yet.

I will agree with you when, how often and how I will check in with you to keep you motivated and accountable, and challenge you to ensure you are doing everything you can to succeed.