“I felt trapped by my professional position and personal situation. I was very apprehensive meeting with Rachael, but she immediately put me at ease and allowed me to reflect on my situation without fear or embarrassment. Working with Rachael enabled me to develop strategies to take control again and put me at the heart of the situation, so I was able to make decisions which I was in control of once more. I can’t thank her enough for taking away the fear.”

JMK, Gloucestershire


Sarah Louise Smith, Buckinghamshire

“My sessions with Rachael have been brilliant! Rachael’s warm and friendly personality made talking easy and has helped me take back control of my chaotic life, given me the tools for prioritising and regaining balance! I am looking forward to using these tools to enjoy a calmer, more family filled life. Thank you Rachael, what a positive experience.”

RS, Northamptonshire

“I have recently finished a 6 session coaching course with Rachael and WOW! what a journey. Initially I did not think I needed coaching, but after a complimentary session with Rachael, I decided to embrace some coaching and I haven’t looked back.
Rachael positively and gently guided me through my sessions, asking questions and really making me think about my actions and mind set.
The results from my sessions have been truly life changing, I sleep better, I really do ‘Value Me’ more (which is a big thing for me), I am more confident and have a better relationship with my beautiful children. I have had numerous light bulb moments which have been liberating and freeing. For the challenges ahead, I now have a tool box of strategies that I can refer back to.
My time with Rachael has been truly wonderful and life changing, I can’t recommend her highly enough, a true professional. I will be eternally grateful, thank you so very much.”

RS, Oxfordshire

“Meeting with you has been the missing jigsaw piece in my believing that I can take control of my life and my situation, and I now believe I can take the necessary steps to achieve my goals. My confidence has been truly battered and no matter how much family and friends told me I was OK, I was beginning to doubt my capabilities to do anything. I now accept it’s OK to be believe in myself and though I can’t be in control of other people’s reactions and behaviour, I can be in control of my own. Having you help me realise I am worthy and good has made all the difference in the world.”

JH, Oxfordshire

“I’m not sure how she does it but Rachael seems to have a way of questioning that gets me to be constructively self-critical. I really like it as I don’t feel that I’m being pushed into anything; moreover, I’m leading myself to reveal suggestions and ideas for myself.”

SA, Surrey

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