Complimentary Coaching

Complimentary coaching for key workers and for those living alone during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Everyone is managing in different ways during these difficult Coronavirus times.

Some of the concerns I have heard recently are:
– people are challenged by not seeing family and friends
– being in lockdown with those that they love (but that are on occasion driving them mad)
– living in isolation
– working in vital key worker roles, still going to the workplace and feeling stretched due to reduced numbers in the team
– working for the first time from home
– not being able to go to work
– being in the middle of a huge restructure at work
– losing your job
– having a sense of cabin fever
– not having a garden to escape to

And the guilt associated with any or all of the above.

I’ve heard many of these concerns, and more, over the last few weeks, as routines and a sense of ‘normality’ disappears. And the plans that you made to make 2020 the ‘Best Year Ever’, seem to be slipping away.

As a personal development coach, clients talk to me about all kinds of matters. Coaching isn’t always about setting and achieving huge life goals; it may be just working out a useful strategy that helps you get through the foreseeable.

Sometimes clients start with a thought that maybe what’s on their mind is too small a deal, ‘it’s not really an issue but…’. This doesn’t matter. What matters is that what you want to talk about is important to you, and equally, that you want to move forward from your present thinking; that you want something to be different.

During this time, I would like to offer support especially to key workers, and to those living on your own. Whatever it is that you want to talk about, I’m here to listen. I  Value  Me coaching is completely confidential, and during this lockdown time, our coaching space together is without charge.

Opening up and sharing, especially with someone removed from your situation can be of huge help.

I value you, and I am here for you.

Please book in a time that’s convenient to you, in my calendar by clicking on the green booking button.