We rise by lifting others

I don’t “do” football. “Following” football is not my thing. I thought I couldn’t stand it.


That said, the last couple of weeks have seen me avidly glued to the agony and drama of both the Wild Boars team and the England football team. 


Those incredible boys and their coach have been rescued by the amazing Thai Navy Seals and their team, including outstanding volunteers. During this captivating mission there was a desperately tragic casualty. The dramatic three-day rescue, ultimating in relief within the nation, and the rest of the world, is shown in today’s video footage of them all safely recovering in hospital. 


In contrast, the focused, M&S waistcoated Gareth Southgate has, with the nation, and the rest of the world, watched intently as the talented England team exceeded expectations during the tournament by successfully raising the bar sufficiently in order for the team to make the semi-final. And sadly tonight, they were defeated.


Yes, they didn’t get to the final stage, but (I understand, even as a novice), they played incredibly well. What a momentous achievement to play at the World Cup semi-final!


The huge successes and the extreme pains of both captivating stories have been well documented.


However it’s worthy of a reminder that whatever the result of both situations, the very nature of team work means that neither party could have got to where they are right now without the support of skilled, professional others guiding, coaching and supporting them at every stage. Without these incredible teams supporting them, neither would they have achieved the brilliant results that they did.


At one point during the nail-biting match this evening, my husband, a lover of the beautiful game, called out to the box as an armchair pundit: “group, group”. His expression got me thinking: who do you group with? Who is in your team? Who has your back? Who do you need to show gratitude to in your life? 


Ensure you don’t forget to show your team your appreciation, appropriately, during the highs and lows, the joys and pains, of your brilliant one and only life. 


As both courageous football teams have shown – over 6,500 miles apart – we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. 


Take nothing for granted.


“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

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